FoShan NanHai WeiAo Machinery Co., Ltd.

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FoShan NanHai WeiAo Machinery Co., Ltd. locates in LiShui town, NanHai district of FoShan city which is famous for aluminum. During a few years in this field, we have developed advanced design and technology, as well as much experience. Our customers are around Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc. We have not only an excellent team for designing good machines, but also a good team for installation and commissioning.

      • Company Name:
      • FoShan NanHai WeiAo Machinery Co., Ltd.
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      • Main Products:
      • Melting furnace, hot top casting, homogenizing system, handling table, single and double puller, single and multi log furnace, aging oven.
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      • No.8, Instrurial street, Lishui town, Nanhai, Foshan City, Canton, P.R.China
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      • Mr. Rio
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      • General Manager
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      • +86-757-85664923
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      • +86-757-85603003
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